måndag 26 maj 2008

The other videos are up now!

The Talkshow:

The Mailman:

The Snowangel:

söndag 18 maj 2008

90 reasons to love sausages

And here's the second video:

The restaurant

We've finally uploaded the videos on Youtube, check it out:

fredag 9 maj 2008


Today me, Jennie and Ingrid are going to film two small sketches and also the intro music for WAWAWA. It feels great, because now we're getting somewhere. When the music is finished we'll post two sketches on youtube and probably link the videos here too.

Soupy twist!

lördag 29 mars 2008


Today we filmed two small sketches for WAWAWA. We were supposed to film three other sketches but because Olof couldn't film today and Ingrid had lost the scripts to two sketches we filmed the other two.
Everything went well though, but the weather sucked because we had to film one outside but whatever. I had my Will Ferell moment and it was kinda funny.

Soupy twist!

måndag 24 mars 2008


Last thursday I put everything we have filmed over to my laptop so we could start editing. And a few days ago (Saturday?) Olof and Ingrid came over and we started chopping all the clips and choosing which to use. Jennie couldn't come since she was in Kittelfjäll.
After Olof and Ingrid went to dinner at their grandparents I continued editing and now everything is edited of the sketches we've filmed. How good it is is another question though.

Can't wait until this weekend because that's when we'll film the rest.

Me taking some of my easter candy after a deserved break from the computer.

Olof playing tetris - that geek. He even erased my highscore!

Ingrid, after finally managing to take a picture of herself with my camera.

Soupy twist!

tisdag 18 mars 2008

Just a little old

I just thought I post this picture, I think it was from our meeting we had a few days before the first filming. We were deciding what everyone should bring and wrote a few sketches. Ingrid was taking the pic with my cell phone.
(L-R Me, Olof and Jennie)

Soupy twist!